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Litecontrol launches AIRA, an open center linear luminaire, providing scale without weight.
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Exitronix introduces Guardian G3 wireless automated life safety equipment testing and reporting.
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B-K Lighting marks a significant milestone, introducing laser sources
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Acclaim does it again, releases Unity with industry-first features
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Acclaim and Vertex together again, releasing Linear XTR product family
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Current appoints Vertex to represent full portfolio of brands
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Beta-Calco now represented by Vertex Solutions
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litecontrol AIRA product images

Aira delivers a semi-direct (25% up / 75% down) distribution, designed primarily for open ceilings but appropriate for a range of applications.

A complementary wall-mount fixture shares design language and performance with the pendant while meeting ADA requirements.

Space definition allows one to interpret the environment. Aira’s luminous, open-center system connectors enable this definition without sacrificing the spirit of the luminaire.

The flexibility your environment demands, executed with the thoughtfulness Aira demands.

Subtle details define the architectural environment, and subtle details define Aira as well. A clean read of brightness at the leading edge of the extruded rail provides definition. A design detail that helps define the fixture, and therefore your space, as exceptional.

Viewing life from all angles provides a confidence, an understanding. Viewing Aira from all angles provides the same.

Aira cross bar inserts can be customized to complement your architectural vision.

Additionally, Kurt Versen finishes are standard options to allow seamless integration of point source and linear lighting solutions.

You can find more information at the Litecontrol AIRA product page and from your local Vertex sales office.