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Vertex introduces Enerlites to Upstate New York
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Vertex adds Electrix Illumination
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Elite Lighting now represented by Vertex
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Lumetta introduces the Echo collection.
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Philips Luminaire Service Program, quick ship!
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Buffalo Bills team up with Vertex and CHM
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Vertex adds Intense Lighting
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Supply adds King Electric, American-made heaters.
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JLC Tech T-BAR LED Smartlight featured in Armstrong video.
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Visa introduces Meridian Square series.
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Finelite introduces Tunable White luminaires and FineTune controls.
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Vertex is proud to introduce Enerlites to the Upstate New York market. Enerlites has over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing with a commitment to quality and safety that is second to none. Enerlites is a leading national supplier of lighting controls and wiring devices. The broad catalogue includes products that concentrate on energy efficiency, high quality, and the application of cutting-edge technology.

The Enerlites product catalog includes the first ever PIR/Humidity Sensor combination on the market, as well as the extremely popular Interchangeable USB Receptacles. These unique products are accompanied by a wide selection of dimmers, switches, timers, receptacles, occupancy & vacancy sensors, wall plates, and floor boxes.

Enerlites leads the market in USB charging devices, setting the market standards for the safest and fastest in-wall USB receptacles available. With recent integration of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology and Power Delivery through USB-C, Enerlites products are equipped to handle the most modern devices at top speeds. Beyond speed and reliability, Enerlites USB charging devices cater to heavy use in residential and commercial applications. Interchangeable modules allow for quick changes with minimal effort and cost. Interchangeable face covers give worn outlets an immediate face lift and come in various colors to complement any room.

Every component in every unit is inspected at regular intervals of the manufacturing process, and on-site UL labs regularly assess and confirm the safety of every device to its standard. All applicable products are CA Title 20 and 24 certified, UL listed, and meet proper NEC codes.

You can find more information on this product at the Enerlites website and from your local Vertex sales office.


electrix illumination logo

Vertex is excited to announce the addition of Electrix Illumination to our product offering.

Electrix is committed to fine Crafsmanship and Customer Satisfaction.

Electrix products are designed, built and performance-tested to the highest standards. From concept, to component and material selection, to production, the product quality and your project success are always in mind.

Electrix works through their sales representatives and specifiers to ensure competitive pricing and timely product delivery. Electrix is committed to satisfying you, the specifier. The Electrix product range is diverse, and with broad custom capabilities help to meet your architectural lighting needs. Electrix is a fully integrated manufacturing facility, products are developed using state of the art CAD/CAM software and built in New Haven, CT. Superior design, engineering and manufacturing all contribute to the development of innovative luminaires reflecting your style and design imagination.

Consistent service has earned Electrix the opportunity to build strong, long-term customer relationships. Product development is driven by listening to our customers' needs.

Electrix product offerings range from cove and perimeter/pocket solutions, to indoor and outdoor linear architectural accents, to high performance exterior lighting from Meyer by Electrix, to everyday project essentials from Essential by Electrix.

You can find more information on this product at the Electrix website and from your local Vertex sales office.


elite lighting logo

Vertex Innovative Solutions has been named as the representative for Elite Lighting in Upstate New York.

Based just outside of Los Angeles, CA, Elite Lighting offers one of the most comprehensive lines of LED lighting in the industry. Elite features recessed round and square downlights, Fire Rated recessed downlights, round, square, and linear surface mounted luminaires, as well as round, square, and linear pendant-mounted fixtures. This is a broad line which can be applied in commercial, industrial, hospitality, assisted-living, and residential projects.

Elite Lighting is a leader in development, design, and production of the widest selection of lighting products and patented designs in the industry. The company has heavily invested in research and development to offer sustainable eco-friendly solutions to the ever-changing lighting industry. Elite is committed to offering high-efficiency lighting products that meet strict energy codes and restrictions, including a complete line of Energy Star and Title 24 rated products. Commitment to product quality and service excellence has made this brand THE elite source for architectural lighting.

You can find more information on this product at the Elite website and from your local Vertex sales office.


Lumetta has introduced the Echo Collection. Echo offers a combination of light and pattern to evoke design in an ultramodern way. Three unique, contemporary patterns each reflecting an individual mood.

• 4 sizes
• 3 patterns
• 6 colors

lumetta echo shell pattern
lumetta echo abstract pattern
lumetta echo tech pattern

You can find more information on this product at the Lumetta website and from your local Vertex sales office.


buffalo bills new era field combined logo

The Buffalo Bills have teamed up with Vertex Solutions to install a Carolina High Mast LED lighting system at New Era Field.

The innovative system increases lighting levels nearly thirty percent for greater clarity both in the stadium and at home on your HDTV screen.

The Carolina High Mast system will also reduce energy consumption at New Era Field by about fifty percent.

You can find more information on the USR luminaire utilized on this project at the Carolina High Mast website and from your local Vertex sales office.

Intense Lighting

Vertex is excited to announce the addition of Intense Lighting to our product offering.

Intense Lighting, a Leviton company, is widely recognized as a solutions-based manufacturer of award-winning, sustainable lighting products. The company's innovative and energy efficient luminaires offer a wide variety of specification grade lighting solutions for the commercial, hospitality, supermarket, retail and residential markets.

Customers can select from several broad-based product lines of LED downlights, cylinders, track lights, recessed multiples and V-Rail, a LED illuminated rail system.

Established in 2001 and headquartered in Anaheim, CA, Intense Lighting has quickly become an industry leader by continuing to deliver quality products backed by outstanding customer service.

Intense takes pride in their ability to deliver products with the shortest lead times in the industry. Today, with a growing team of product engineers, Intense Lighting is on the cutting-edge of research and development in LED lighting solutions backed by the companyÕs impressive 10-year product warranty.

You can find more information on this new product offering at the Intense Lighting website and from your local Vertex sales office.

King Electric

Vertex is excited to announce the addition of King Electric to the Supply line card.

Since 1958 King Manufacturing Company has been the premier North American manufacturer of smart heating solutions including Industrial, Commercial and Residential Electric Heaters and Thermostats, Hydronic Heaters, Electric Heating Cables and Accessories, making King a one-stop solutions provider. Buildng smarter, more reliable and efficient electric heating products that offer an unparalleled user experience of temperature control, while reducing energy waste.

As a family owned company that was founded in Seattle and thrives manufacturing heaters here every day, King is inspired by their customers to advance our industry through technology. Technology designed to make King products more efficient and offer more precise control.

With products like the new electronic ECO2S series 2 stage heaters that automatically adjust the heat output, minimizing the electricity spend and maximizing customer comfort and the ATMOZ Series Thermostat, a new generation of WIFI connected room controls, King products simply work smarter, not harder.

In this age of conglomeration, big business, and a global economy, King is still proudly family-owned and continuously based out of Seattle, Washington.

Residential or commercial electric heat: King anticipates your needs and provides you with the best!

You can find more information on this new product family at the King Electric website and from your local Vertex sales office.

JLC Tech - T-Bar LED Smartlightht

The T-BAR LED Smartlight is a lighting system integrated into T-Bars for suspended ceilings, using the most powerful LEDs available on the market. This is possible due to our Patented high performance heat dissipating system, designed in the shape of a standard T-BAR to allow our product to be fully integrated or retrofit into any type of suspended ceiling.

Specifically designed by Armstrong, a XLED clip is mounted at each end for easy installation into Armstrong 15/16" or 9/16" ceiling suspension system allowing the fixture to become a part of the certified ceiling assembly eliminating the use of support wires. T-BAR LED Smartlight replaces selected cross tees of the grid ceiling suspension system where light is desired.

The T-BAR LED Smartlight is also available with a universal grid clip for non-Armstrong ceiling systems. There are several diffuser options including signage, allowing you to direct occupant traffic with your lighting.

You can find more information on this new product family at the JLC Tech website and from your local Vertex sales office.


visa meridian square image

Meridian's new square shape is eye-catching, making a statement with it's a contemporary look and retro air. The simple profile complements today's clean rectilinear styles. Mix the Meridian Square and the original Meridian Round in the same installation for an even bolder statement.

Meridian Square is an LED luminaire with color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 4000K. Power supplies are integral and provide 0-10V dimming down to 10%.

Meridian Square's luminous diffusers are evenly illuminated while providing incredible performance ranging from 4,000 to 15,200 delivered lumens and efficacy up to 87 lumens per watt.

You can find more information on this new product family at the Visa website and from your local Vertex sales office.


finelite finetune image

Finelite has set a new standard for flexibility in design with Tunable Whilte luminaires and a comprehensive control system, FineTune.

Tuneable White technology is available in a wide array of luminaire types including suspended, recessed, perimeter, cove, and wall mount.

These luminaires can be combined with the all-in-one FineTune system, based on DMX standards, with a centralized power control center and paired wall-mounted or wireless control via mobile app. Alternatively we can work with several other control protocols, including traditional DMX, DALI, and even PoE.

You can find more information on this new product family at the Finelite website and from your local Vertex sales office.


tempo pro family image

Barron Lighting is excited to pick up the pace with the introduction of the new Exitronix Tempo Pro series. The all new Tempo Pro family of LED emergency lighting provides a more complete, compact, and powerful product offering with high performance and competitive value.

With up to 32' on center spacing, compact size of roughly 8" wide by 4" high, and a white or black injection molded thermoplastic housing, the LED-51/52 emergency lighting unit can find a place on any project.

And the VLEDC-51 combo unit has a tool-less universal mounting design, with emergency lamps that can be moved from top, to side, or back of the single or double face body. Optional remote battery capacity can drive up to (2) 2W remote heads, in single or double head configurations.

You can find more information on this new product family at the Barron Exitronix website and from your local Vertex sales office.


Crestron SpaceBuilder™ from Crestron Electronics, Inc. on Vimeo.

Crestron SpaceBuilder simplifies design, installation, and start-up of commercial lighting control systems. Our patent-pending process dramatically reduces the time required to complete each phase of a lighting control project while greatly improving efficiency and scalability. How is this possible? It starts with our exclusive space-based approach to system design.

With SpaceBuilder, lighting controls are designed on a space-first basis rather than the conventional building-first approach. This methodology eliminates the over-specification and unnecessary programming inherent in large, centralized lighting control designs. Each space is configured with the optimal control system and accessories and nothing more.

Anyone can design lighting controls with SpaceBuilder. Use our online filter to quickly find the right system for your space. Configuration worksheets for our SpaceBuilder systems make it simple to define and generate quotes. No more wading through technical specifications and the impact on project schedules is immediate.

Each complete SpaceBuilder system ships in one box clearly labeled for the space it is intended. Rather than searching through pallets of dimmers, sensors, and keypads in a remote staging area, installers get one box for each room that has all the components, technical information, and wiring diagrams needed to complete the installation.

You can find more information on the Crestron SpaceBuilder website and from your local Vertex sales office.


Last year Philips introduced the eCatalog as a single source for Philips Luminaire product information on the web including the entire portfolio of brands including Chloride, Color Kinetics, Daybrite, Gardco, Hadco, Ledalite, Lightolier, Lumec and Stonco.

If you haven't visited the site yet, check it out today, especially the new product showcase, and remember to bookmark it.

Philips Lighting is always looking for opportunities to improve the Philips Luminaires eCatalog. Navigation, data, and search functions are continually added to, enhanced and stream-lined.

So Philips has just introduced a newly designed product family landing page. The redesigned page organizes technical data and assets such as images, product attributes, downloads, accessories, and lighting controls into easy to use tabs.